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  • Liver King Lawsuit
    Liver King Lawsuit
    Brian Johnson or, the “Liver King”, is a fitness influencer well-known on the internet. For all his fame and claimed fortune, the Liver King lawsuit continues to make headlines. Mr. Johnson has been on the Joe Rogan Experience, Joe Rogan’s popular podcast. He is best known for his large physique and his willingness to walk around shirtless. He has long
  • Autonomous Car Accidents
    Autonomous Car Accidents
    Lead by giants like Elon Musk, autonomous vehicles are perhaps not just a pipe dream. But how does this affect personal injury law? How does the law react to such a radical change in society? In the United States, we follow a common law system. This means the courts interpret statutes the legislature introduces, and we build upon that based
  • Tax on Punitive Damages – Case Review
    Tax on Punitive Damages – Case Review
    In 1996, the Supreme Court of the United States, ruled on O’Gilvie v. U.S. See generally O'Gilvie v. United States, 519 U.S. 79, 117 S. Ct. 452, 136 L. Ed. 2d 454 (1996). In this case, the surviving spouse of a tort victim filed suit against the United States government seeking refund of income taxes paid on punitive damages awarded
  • Jamin Davis Reckless Driving
    Jamin Davis Reckless Driving
    The Facts Jamin Davis is a linebacker for the Washington Commanders. The 24-year-old was drafted in the first round by the Commanders in the 2021 NFL draft. After a slower 2021 season, he began to develop in the 2022 season. The team and fans have high hopes for him heading into 2023. But on March 28, 2022, Jamin Davis was
  • Average Settlement Amount in Maryland
    Average Settlement Amount in Maryland
    One of the most frequent questions we get practicing personal injury law in Maryland is what the average settlement amount in Maryland is. Of course, no case is the same. Even if the average is one number, is provides no reasonable indication as to what your case may settle for. There is a multitude of factors such as age, employment
  • Is Washington, D.C. a No-fault State?
    Is Washington, D.C. a No-fault State?
    After nearly 70 years of practicing personal injury law in the District of Columbia, a common insurance question we get is whether D.C. is a no-fault state. There is often confusion likely because D.C. has unique laws on this topic. Additionally, the laws in D.C. often interact with the laws and insurance policies of Maryland and Virginia. In general, no-fault
  • What Should I do After a Car Accident?
    What Should I do After a Car Accident?
    When you are involved in a car accident, it is normal for confusion to take over. You were likely taken by surprise by something like a rear end collision or a side swipe, and you may be seriously injured. In this circumstance, it is easy to be unsure of what to do next. It may feel unnatural to get out
  • How Much Money Can I Recover?
    How Much Money Can I Recover?
    In a personal injury lawsuit, the legal remedy is generally money damages. As discussed here, your lawyer will help you obtain compensatory damages for your medical expenses, your past and future lost wages, and your emotional pain and suffering. Additionally, in select cases, you may be entitled to punitive damages. Punitive damages are a way for you, through the court,